grooming2Millersburg Veterinary Hospital was fortunate that a relocation move brought such an accomplished pet groomer, Ron Wright, to us and you. Ron comes from Kansas City, where he has been grooming pets for 24 years.

Our groomer, Ron, is available on Tuesday and Thursday. If your pet needs a tranquilizer or to see the vet, please schedule your appointment on a Tuesday. Grooming includes a clip and a bath, nail trim, cleaning of ears, and expression of anal glands.

grooming1To better utilize Ron’s expertise, MVH’s grooming suite has been remodeled with new lighting and equipment, including a cage bank designed for grooming (animals are elevated off the cage floor allowing better air circulation for drying) and a large, stainless steel dog bathing unit with a walk-up ramp allowing easy entry for our larger friends. Ron grew up in a dog show family, and started showing American Staffordshire Terriers in the fifth grade. He has handled many different breeds, and continues to show his Bullmastiff, Rudy.

Ron and his wife, Yvonne, live near New Bloomfield with Rudy, three Jack Russell Terriers (Mick, Maddie, Jessie James), a Bulldog (Minnie), a long-haired grey calico cat (Callie), and Rainbow, a Gold Mantled Rosella. Ron enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting sports, and loves their wooded acreage and lake in mid-Missouri.

Call us today at 573-642-8723 or 877-642-8723 to schedule an appointment with Ron.

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